Short story- Smoking

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“one packet of cigarette please,” I said to the man at the grocery store…

“Smoking is injurious to health, how many times I have to tell you this Rehaan”, Simmi’s voice echoed in my head. I jerked off my thoughts, picked up the packet, and walked out of the store.

I was walking aimlessly on the road, couldn’t decide where I should go, finally found an empty bench on the park and settled my body there because my mind was restless as I was remembering the conversation between me and Simmi.

Simmi my beautiful wife, the love of my life, and my everything.

I remembered the day when we were sitting on the same bench of this park and were looking at the sun which was about to set, suddenly she said “you know Rehaan, I lost my dad due to cancer, he was a chain smoker, I used to love him a lot but he couldn’t love us more than his cigarette”, her voice started cracking. I was about to say something but she continued “I love you a lot Rehaan, I can’t afford to lose you, so tell me Mr. Rehaan Taneja can you love me more than your cigarettes???

When you love someone the tears in their eyes begin to hurt your soul, I couldn’t lose her so I didn’t reply but picked up the packet and threw it in the dustbin nearby and hugged her tightly that day I witnessed two moons glowing together, one in the sky and the another one in her teary eyes.

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“so you started smoking again??!! ” I opened my eyes hastily and searched for her, I knew it was her voice but she was not present there, anyways I replied “yes I started smoking again”

“But why ?? Didn’t you promise you won’t???”, It’s her voice again.

“Ohh yeah !!! Didn’t you promise you will stay with me forever ?? “I replied angrily.

“What about your health Rehan??, I told you it is…”

“Injurious to health??? “ I interrupted her voice,” really!!!!! so tell me, you never smoked, so why you suffered from cancer, why this injurious disease found its home in your body ?? Why did you leave me all alone in this world ???? Just tell me Why????!!!” I looked at the sky and screamed and tears found their way out from my eyes.

I sat on the grass with my legs folded and took out the packet of cigarettes and the lighter from my pocket looked at the sky, and with a determination on my face, I said,” wait for me Simmi, I am coming to meet you” and with that, I took all the cigarettes out from the packet and was trying to light all of them at once, “I will continue to do this every day until our reunion Simmi, I can’t live in this world without you”I was screaming on the top of my lungs, yes!!! I have gone insane.

“Tapp” “Tapp” suddenly the raindrop start falling on my face and in a matter of second it started raining heavily, I along with a packet of cigarettes got drenched in the rain completely.

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I looked up at the sky, my tears got mixed with rainwater, I cried my heart out continuously for half an hour and when the rainwater and the crying calmed me down a bit, I lay down on the grass closed my eyes, and listened to the whispering of the rain and it was saying-

“I am always with you Rehaan”

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