Short story- The Promise

I would be lying if I say that I want this phone call to end but as usual he has to go as he is busy, like always, with a heavy heart I pressed the red button on the phone.

Things are not going good lately, the last few months are like a nightmare for me, I never thought there would be a day where I have to stay away from him but now it’s been months of us being away from each other…..

Its not like that he moved some other place, we still live under the same roof or used to live under the same roof until last month when he decided to move out, claiming it is “for my betterment” and I was not able to stop him from doing so, that day I cried my heart out.

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Well, I can’t say I was fully surprised as I have seen it coming, as he started sleeping in his study room, stopped having dinner with us, didn’t spend time with me anymore.

He used to call me his “Princess” but now he just started avoiding me, no more evening stroll together, no more secret ice-cream treat, no more loving hugs, we don’t talk like before, as if I am no longer important to him.

He missed my last year birthday too although he was in the same city but couldn’t make it to the small dinner party which was important to me, this thing broke my heart.

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Is he drifting apart from me?? , I keep thinking that, Did I did something wrong to upset him, I just miss him so much. This year on my birthday, I just want him to be there when I cut the cake, not on a phone call but in front of me, looking at me with his loving eyes, I wished this to God.

People say to me, “You must be proud of him, your dad is a Doctor, he is a covid warrior, serving humanity at such a difficult time”

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“Yes, I am proud of my Dad but I just miss him so much, I want to play with him again, the piles of crosswords are left on the counter, yet to be solved, I want to play badminton with him, I want to hug him, I just want my Dad back”

I miss you Dad, mom misses you too, take care of yourself.

The phone rings again, Dad said he will be there on my birthday for sure, He promised me the same.

With tears, I wished his promise was true.

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Hey, so this was my entry for “The story challenge” held by “Gigi aka Girl with a blog” …… if you want to know more about the challenge and rules, you can click here.

Here is the beautiful book cover designed by her –

Nice job here Gigi

This challenge is hosted by Gigi but I was nominated for this one by Pavithra, Thank you so much Pavithra for nominating me and the line she has given me was –

With tears, I wished his or her promise was true.

Do tell me in comments, you like this one or not?? The Whole Medical fraternity, the essential workers are out there,working hard, away from their families so that you can be with yours, respect them and everyone please take care of yourselves , things are little tough out there, maintain social distancing, wear mask and sanitize or wash your hands regularly…. we have faced this in past, we can do this again…..

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