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Short story- Notification

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“Beep” and the notification blinked, it was from WordPress, someone commented on her latest blog –

“wow, Priya !!!! You have explained the plight of a woman so well !! ” a broad smile spread on her face, she was about to reply to the comment when she heard Ashok, her husband’s almost screaming voice “Priya where’s the breakfast??? I am already late” she went straight to the kitchen and served him breakfast,

“sandwiches??? You know very well I don’t like them, can’t you make something good???!! What do you do all day sitting at home anyway ??!!” The last line almost crushed her heart but she didn’t reply because she doesn’t want to spoil her mood as she wanted to discuss something important with him about her job, she wanted to start working again and also got an offer from a leading magazine.

“you’re an amazing writer mam” her comment notification beeped again.

“so these comments made you think that you can become a writer??!! Mrs j k Rowling !!! “ Ashok asked sarcastically, further continued “look Priya I can not allow you to work, who will look after this house, our kids, everything will become a mess and is there any wish of yours’s which I haven’t fulfilled, what’s the need of the job then?? People like you will not understand this office and work culture, you will be a misfit there, better do what you are good at like cooking, looking after kids and managing this house”

“But Ashok,” she said with tears in her eyes, her voice fumbled.

“No more discussions on this topic Priya” he left.

“Mam your article on women empowerment is the best I have ever read, I loved it and have a great respect for the strong opinionated lady like you” she read the latest comment on her post with a bitter smile, teary eyes, and a wounded soul.

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