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Short story- Ghost in the Basement.

“Mommy”, little John screamed and came running to his mother.

“What is it John” his mom exclaimed.

“There is a ghost of a girl in my room and she is screaming at me” uttered little John while looking completely terrified.

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“There are no such things as a ghost, John,” she replied calmly patting the little boy’s head gently.

“No mom, I am not lying she was there in my room and she started screaming at me and throwing things at me, momma I am scared” replied John.

“Ohhh I see!!! She is Samantha, your new roommate, she is a little eccentric, doesn’t make friends that easily, if you don’t like her, you can sleep with me baby” she tried to comfort her 7-year-old boy.

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“But why she has to be my roommate, why there are so many new people in our house??, why they don’t acknowledge us??? Why they have changed our whole house??? I don’t like them!!!!! I don’t even remember anything after the massive earthquake which shook us and our home, I remember getting hit by a strong object, I remember you were lying under the heavy debris, and then I slept and when I woke up I found out our whole house and locality is changed, these new people captured our house and we are letting them do so, let’s go to the police momma!!!!! “ said little John, staring at his mother hopefully.

“What did I tell you about the little game we are playing, it has a challenge of living with a stranger, to not bother them, and if we can do that we will win huge prize money and we can finally buy our dream house for which we were saving for so long, so tell me will you be a good boy John???”

“Ok mom,” he said reluctantly.

“Now come here baby, we will move to the basement and will live there from here on,” she said trying hard to not show the lines of sadness on her face and started thinking that-

“I am sorry John, I can’t tell you the truth, I am sorry, the earthquake took everything from us, I wanted to cry my heart out right now but

“Ghosts don’t have tears”……

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