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Short story- Battle of love.

It was a cool winter morning, I was resting on my bed peacefully, covered myself with a thick quilt, eyes closed, and mind wandering in dreamland, what a perfect morning.

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It was more perfect because I saw her in my dreams, ‘Naina’ the girl of my dreams is literally in my dreams!!!!! We both covered in a quilt, sipping hot tea from a single cup, we both were blushing. I asked her to say those three magical words to me.

She blushed and said “WAKE UP RASCAL, it’s almost afternoon, how much more do you want to sleep???? Come wake up!!! Your food is ready, we all are your servants, you are the king, have some food and make us feel blessed sire!!!!!!.” This was Mum’s voice and also an indication that my beautiful dream is now over.

Mom was staring at me while I was gulping down my breakfast. “What,” I asked,

When was the last time you showered??” Isn’t it’s been a month???!!! She inquired

“Maa, you know it’s freezing out here, you want to make my ice cream or what???”… Hey before you all judge me, I love winters, I love the warmth of the sun, the fog, the mornings, and everything related to winters, the only thing I don’t like is to take a shower, even the thought of it gives me shivers…

And also this is not entirely my fault, we don’t have geysers in our bathroom because Dad thinks this will reduce our immunity or something, so this is a kind of a rule in our house that no matter how cold it is outside, no one in the family will use hot water for bathing, my solution – I won’t bath” I know I am intelligent hehe… So it’s been almost 2, no 1 Ummm I’m making it 1.5 …. So 1.5 months since I showered!!!!

“Deepak!!!!! Do you know who is coming back from Delhi??!!!” Ravi my friend came running to my room.

Who,” I asked casually while trying to figure out which deo or perfume is gonna save me today.

“Naina, she is coming back and She wanted to meet you, I think this time you must tell her about your feelings, Mr. Childhood lover” he elbowed me.

“What, what, whaaaaatttt, when, how??!!!! How do you know??? Ohh, God!! Oh, God!!!” I was shocked, it took me a while to get settled down. “What should I do now Ravi????” I asked him

“First thing first, you need to look good, go trim your beard and go get a shower,” he replied.

What???!!! Shower???, it’s freezing outside” I replied,

Come on man!!!! People cross oceans, swim through lava for their love, you can’t even take a shower???!!! What kind of lover are you, Coward!!!” He yelled at me.

“No, I am not a coward, I will do this, I will do this for my Naina, the bathroom is my battlefield and I will fight my ‘battle of love’. I replied in a motivated tone.

It’s been half an hour since I am in a bathroom the showerhead is looking at me as if saying “Hey buddy, long time no see!!!”, finally I gathered the courage, remembered all the Gods, ask them to forgive my sins as I am about to meet all of them.

I stretched my hands, rotated the knob open, and the water drops touched my body, and I was like – “Ahhhhhhhuuuuuiuhhhhhhhuuhhhahhhjjhhjhuuuuhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, mummy!!!!! Mummy!!!!!ahhhhhhjjjjuuuuuuuuuaowwwww

It was so cold that my soul left my body, wandered all the realms, said “hi” to all the angels up there, maybe flirted with them a little, and then came back.

After the longest 5 min of my life when I came out, Ravi dropped another bomb, “Did you shampooed your hairs????”

Not again!!!!” I screamed and then went inside the ‘torture camp‘ again and shampooed my hair…..

The last hour was so traumatizing for me, but the hard work finally pays off, here I am all decked up in new clothes, shining from head to toe, maybe “Ryan Gosling ” is crying somewhere in the corner, he doesn’t stand a chance against me anyways…

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I walked towards Naina’s house in slow motion(you know for heroic effect), today I will convey my feelings to her and there is no way she can reject this guy….. Hahaha(butterflies we’re “pawri-ing” in my stomach)

I was standing in front of her house, and was about to ring the doorbell but wait!!!!!! What’s that???? A lock????? Why her house is locked if she is back????? Does this mean she didn’t come back??? But Ravi was saying…….

I marched back towards my house, fuming in anger, and at the entrance, I saw my mother bursting out of laughter while looking at me and Ravi holding his ears and saying sorry……

Once Again MOM-1, ME-0

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So this was my submission for “Creativity wins challenge 2, This one was kind of inspired by real-life events (no, I didn’t do anything for my crush😅) but we all can relate to this winter and bathing doesn’t always go hand in hand….. Do you, people also agree???? Tell me about this in the comments…

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