Short story- A Romantic Date Night

They were at the beach, holding hands, smiling and blushing, they validated the quote “love is in the air”. The magnificent moon was glowing, trying hard to outsmart the glow on their faces but failed miserably, the light breeze was trying to touch their evident love swiftly …

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The boy pulled the chair for his lady, she chuckled and admired the arrangements made by him to make this date night memorable like the seaside arrangement, the white lily flowers, the red balloon hearts, the flickering candles, and her favorite. ” red sauce pasta “.

“But why only one plate!!???” What will you eat???” She enquired

you” he answered without a delay.

“ohhh !!! Come on you !! Just shut up !!! ” She blushed

“No, literally” he snarled at her with his fangs out.

That romantic date night, he savored her warmblood heartily, the white lilies turned red and the moon hid behind the dark clouds.

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  1. Oh, my! Was he supposed to be a vampire? 🀭 Lovely story! Your stories don’t appear in my feed these days. Really missing them! Been on a hiatus? Hope you find this comment in good health and happiness. 😊

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