Short story- Reunion

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Her condition is very serious, she doesn’t have much time left”, the doctor said

I stood there still, shocked and trying to absorb whatever he just said,

Is she really leaving me??”, I felt like someone punched me hard on my chest, I wanted to cry but tears betrayed me.

The Doctor said, “you can meet her “

With heavy steps, I went towards her room, she has become very pale and weak, with all those different tubes inserted in her body, her sunken eyes and tired expressions made her look lifeless.

I gathered all my strength and asked her, “you need anything, grandma ???”

She looked at me and with a faint smile, she nodded.

What is it ?”, I asked

“kajal{Kohl}”, she replied in a very weak voice.

Kohl ?????!!”, I was surprised, as I was not expecting this answer,

“But why???” I enquired.

Your grandfather loved my eyes whenever I used to apply kajal {Kohl}, he didn’t let me leave my eyes without kajal{Kohl}, even for a single day,

“Now when I am going to meet him again in heaven, how can I leave without it”. She replied and blushed like a newlywed while imagining her reunion.

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  1. Wow… This is so lovely and the essence of true love can be easily felt in this story…

    I wanted to cry but tears betrayed me. This line is so touchy… very well written…

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