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Phases of Diwali

Hey guys,


Diwali for us Indians is like a “living for this ” festival !!!! The excitement starts with the beginning of the month itself !!!! The celebration is not only a single day festival, the Diwali fever has many different temperatures …. So here are some phases of Diwali-

The hate you even the little speck of dust phase-

This phase starts 10-15 days before Diwali. Whole house and when I say “whole” I mean every little nooks and corner of the house needs to get cleaned. Mum’s OCD gets activated and if you don’t play along next thing you will know is how being homeless feels, so you better pick all your weapons as there is a variety like a broom, mop, dusting cloth, etc, then just get ready for your cardio of the day !!! Suddenly you will feel like your house has become really big !! Not a good time for spiders tho!!!!!! With each passing day, the drill will become longer and longer and you will be exhausted.

The because show-off is love phase-

This will be a little sweet phase, you will buy new clothes, accessories which you will be wearing on Diwali !!! This is the chance for you to up your fashion games !!!! And to increase your admirers *wink * *wink*

Also some essential shopping like diya {earthen lamp) , rangoli colours { rangoli is a beautiful art form in which patterns are created on the floor with the help of coloured sand or powders} , fairy lights (for decoration) and many more decorative items !!! But the most important thing is firecrackers (only for those who burst them) children’s are most excited here.

The sweetest phase (literally)-

Here people decide the menu, the sweets to be prepared … A blissful time for all the sweet-tooth out there, Indian sweets such as -Gulab jamun, Rabdi, Nariyal laddoo, Kaju katli, etc generally prepared at home and the taste is just pure heavenly feeling !!!

The D-day-

So finally the day, Diwali arrived and whatever movies show, it’s not gonna be fun since morning, you wake up early and start helping mom again with all the cleaning which is in its last phase and also decoration, the workload is increased several folds and if you can successfully handle this, you are talented !!!!! The aroma from the kitchen of all the delicacies you are going to enjoy at night is the only constant motivation that keeps you going !!! The house is decorated with fairy lights, new bedsheets, new sofa covers came out, The whole house is shinning like teeth in those toothpaste commercials and you feel quite satisfied when your hard work pays off !!! Generally, girls make rangoli at the entrance of the house.

In the evening you are all ready to rock your ethnic attire and turn some heads and also for some photoshoot to update your insta!!!

Photo by Suvan Chowdhury on

The whole neighborhood is shinning due to all the fairy lights and smiling faces of the peoples. You can hear and see the crackers bursting and painting the sky in different colors.

But right now it’s time to perform “puja”{worship}, we worship goddess Lakshmi {the goddess of wealth} and Lord Ganesh on this day, we thank them for giving us all the riches in our lives and pray to keep us always healthy, wealthy and wise.

And now it’s Showtime, favorite part for children, lit up the firecracker and enjoy the show it’s really beautiful, the friends and family meet each other, exchange sweets and also it’s time for some eye locks for some love birds 💗💗😜😜 and the special part, you get to see your crush in ethnic Indian dress and your heart just goes “bam” just like the last firecracker you burst …..Diwali is a great time to meet people, enjoy yourself as a family forgets all your worries for a while !!!! This is not just a festival, this is an emotion !!!

So this is what I wanted to share about Diwali, hope you like it…Here are some pics of mine from this year Diwali

With all the lights
I have lit this “Diya” for the sad and dark corner of my heart to lighten that up a little. So this one is special

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