Look who’s back????!!!

Hey guys !!! So I am back !!! {Sounds dramatic!!!??? IKR

well, I was not active on WordPress for the last one month {taddaaaaaa !!! To people who didn’t even notice!!!!} I was stuck in the middle of a personal issue, so couldn’t focus on writing. Though there are still some issues left I am gathering myself again and trying to get my life back on track!!!!

I know I missed many of your beautiful articles, stories, and blogs but I will try to get hold of them {if there is something, you people want me to read you can comment on the link of that blog in my comment box, this will help me to reconnect with you all, again !!!! Thanks in advance !!! I missed this awesome WordPress community !!!

Thanks, ANJALI DI for your lovely comment !!! I just love youπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Ps- if I missed any award nomination, I am sorry!!!

And to all the people, who just forgotten who I am {you people are the cutest 😜😜}

Hello, my name is Shivani, I love to write fiction, stories, etc, no I am not a professional writer, I just love to write stories, so I am learning how to write one !!!! You can read fiction written by me in my blogs, thank you πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

At last, I am happy to be back here, you people are awesome so awaken the power of your memory and accept me againπŸ’—

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34 thoughts on “Look who’s back????!!!”

  1. Hey welcome back 😊 I did miss your presence on wordpress . I was wondering the other day where did u go 😳

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