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I got the first dose of Covid vaccine || My experience and thoughts

Hey guys, how are you all??? I know that this pandemic has started to suck the life out of us all…… and things are pretty scary out there😬

I guess for us Muggles, this pandemic is equal to Dementors, yeah that’s what I imagine when I think about Corona…… sucked out all our happiness, life and only makes us think about pain, loneliness, anxiety and what not !!!! Tell me if this makes sense.

Dementors = Corona virus #wefeelyouharry

But I am not gonna talk about it anymore!!! Things will be alright, I am hopeful and you all should be too. Just wear your masks, wash your hands regularly, try to avoid going out of your house unnecessarily, I hate to break it to you but the virus doesn’t discriminate and just want to increase its “stonks” by travelling from one person to another……

Corona virus be like

Also, the talk of the town is (talk of the town is!!!🤔🤔🤔, God you are so dramatic, no one talks about you shivani, get out of your bubble) ok whatever 🙄 let’s start again………

So I got vaccinated today (of course against Corona duhhhh and also half vaccinated as it was my first one), and I decided to write a post about my experiences regarding the same, so I can motivate others or resolve some of their queries (It has nothing to do with my lack of creative ideas for writing story and also, views matters. Nope, not at all, why would you think so 🤔)

Hey don’t look at me like that

This post is gonna be more like a diary entry and I am gonna write about all the events I will face for the upcoming 24 hours, so let’s just begin, shall weeee???

12 May 2021, Time- 12:55 pm

My parents are already vaccinated, so I and my elder brother are the ones who were about to get the shot, we went to a designated government hospital, provided them with our registration no. and phone no., they gave us a slip and then we headed towards the room….. My brother got vaccinated first and then it was my turn, see the thing is I no longer cry while getting injections but I just need a strong yet comforting hand of my father to squeeze it, when they bring and inject that prickly thing in me….. but my dad was outside trying to find a suitable parking spot and here I was alone in this room with my brother grinning at me 😒😒😒 (yeah talk about moral support)

The nurse just brought the injection near me, I squeezed my jeans pocket with other hands and closed my eyes. And then something touched on my arms, a sound of “tic-tac” was produced and she said “okay next” and I was like, “it’s over??!! Just like that??!! (Does the pain in my life suppressed all other pains for me?? Or Am I strong??)

And the nurse smiled and nodded yes… well then why can’t all of the injection be like this???!!! There would be one thing less for me to get scared of……

So then we went out at 1 pm sharp (yes, this all just took us 5 min) and we saw our dad approaching us as he finally found a suitable parking spot 🙄😂😂😂 and he was like “done??!! Both of you??!!”. We had a good laugh and then we headed home. So far feeling good…..

12 May 2021, Time- 9:30 pm

The arm which got injected is now aching 😫 it is kind of sore and also my body temperature is slightly high and I am experiencing a terrible headache and everything around me is looking very dull 😑😴

13 May, Time- 11:30 am

Last night was a little bit difficult, my head felt as if it is about to explode, my body temperature was a little high and my body was aching….. This morning, I had some medicine and now I am feeling better…

This is how, I was feeling last night.

13 May, Time- 12:55 pm

It’s been 24 hours, my body temperature is kind of normal, still experiencing a little bit of headache and body pain !!!

13 May, Time- 9:30 pm

I am feeling ok now, headache is reduced to a greater extent and I finally slept for about 4 to 5 hours… Feeling good…

My overall thoughts-

To get a shot or not is everyone’s personal preference but I will highly encourage everyone to do so, in this post I tried to summarize all my experiences regarding the same, I can fully understand the fears regarding the vaccine and to clear a few-

I have a fear of injection-

I already mentioned in my post, this is not gonna hurt at all…..

Ps- I am talking about Indian vaccines

I am worried about its after-effects like fever, cold etc-

I mentioned all my after-effects in this post very clearly also the after-effects vary from person to person like my elder brother didn’t face any kind of issues, luckily. So you can’t determine this beforehand and even if you face something it is very manageable and you will feel better soon…..

I am worried about its side effects-

This is a legit fear and we have listened and read about such things in the news but all I wanna say is there are more benefits as compared to the loss in taking the vaccine… Everybody is different and so are their reactions but the vaccines are safe at some level and that’s why they are approved…. keep this in mind and have a positive outlook….. Something is better than nothing…… speaking from my experience, even after experiencing some trouble afterwards, the feeling of security and confidence which has boosted in me is very assuring, knowing that I am safe at some level even if not completely is very relieving and a little bit of relief and optimism is what needed at these tiring times…..

Stay safe everyone ❤

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