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Happy new year || come back post ||

Hello everyone…..👻👻👻


I know it’s been a long since I posted anything…I went on a “small” hiatus (well yeah small hiatus😏😏)……. but I am back here finally.

Last year in August, I decided to take a small break which eventually keeps on extending….. things didn’t work out the way I wanted …. my mental health kept on deteriorating….and honestly with all this fiasco running in my life…blogging was the last thing I was worried about….. but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t miss blogging…

I missed writing stories, reading all your wonderful blogs and also interacting with all my friends here… Speaking of friends, what wonderful friends I have got here… I mean, I received emails, comments on my posts, messages on my Instagram of people, asking my whereabouts….saying that they miss my stories…they miss me……

My heart after reading your messages be like

You know what reading your mail, messages and comments were such a healer for really….amidst those gloomy days…messages like this….were just a life saviour…

so all I want to say is

Pun intended

Also, as everyone wanted to know how I am doing now…. so basically I am-

Jokes apart, I am just fineeeeeeeeeeeeee……. and yeah I will start posting stories soon…and I am thinking of upgrading my blogs content a bit…there is going to be more of My real-life stories corner, I will start my Monthly favourite series….where as the name suggests I will be reviewing my favourites of the month… be it skincare products, books and movies etc…..

Well yeah, I am just so excited to be back here…. once again THANK YOU very much to every one of you……you don’t know how a small word of kindness can help a person dealing with stress and anxiety…BE KIND ..💖💖💖💖

Again, wishing you and your family –

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