Short story- Cup of tea

Had a very bad fight with my wife, we were not talking to each other.

“grrrrrr” my stomach growled, damm these midnight cravings!!!

Went to the kitchen, only knew “how to make tea”, should have learned how to cook at least for situations like these.

“grrrrrr” grrrrrr” okay okay stomach chill !! I am on it. I made two cups of tea hoping it will calm down my hunger.

“what are you up to Mr?” This was my wife’s voice, I turned back with two cups of tea in my hands but didn’t speak a word. She looked at teacups, stared at them for a good one minute and then her expressions softened, with moisture in her eyes she said “awwww baby you made tea for me !!!! “, “So you remembered about my headache!!”

I stammered “Headache ???!! No, no I mean yes, yes I made tea for you, I knew you were upset.

She hugged me and said, “I am sorry, I know, I overreacted. It was my turn, so I said “even I am sorry I should’ve listened to you”

After a short tea break, she asked “how do you manage to make up things every time? ”

“Well it just a cup of tea for me”, I replied.

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