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Story- Bad day

A big horrifying monster was staring at me angrily with his scary eyes, he was so angry that I can feel death was coming to me, he snarled at me and said “Shantanu, you are useless, you couldn’t even complete the single task assigned to you, now forget about your promotion and also about shifting to new head office, you will be stuck in this office forever ” the monster grunted.

“ha ha ha ha ” this maniac started laughing fiercely, suddenly he pushed me down the cliff, I was falling {of course in slow motion} and was screaming.

“Thadddddddddd” and I fell from my bed, I was dreaming. “Ahhhhh” my back hurts !!!! As soon as I got up, I stepped upon my shoes which were lying there and I slipped and fell again !!!

“And this my friend is what we call a wonderful morning”

I saw the time, I was late for the office again, I started getting ready in haste, the deo helped me to skip the bath, styled my hair with plain water, was toasting my bread on the stove, when my phone started ringing, it was my mum’s call, she was worried for me, like every other mother in this universe.

I picked up the call , she just went away with her question answer round , like if I had my breakfast, had eaten apple or not ? am I stressed because I lost my promotion chance yesterday , mom’s I tell you …

I told her that “I am fine” but she sensed my sadness, she said “Shantanu we are with you, I know you worked hard for this promotion but my heart says, you must be getting something nicer in return, my child, don’t lose hope, everything is fine, the day is not bad after all. And she hung up.

Her words make me feel good, how she just managed to change my mood in a matter of some minutes. Mom’s I tell you…

I thought “maybe she is right, maybe I am going to get something nicer in return, maybe the day is not bad after all !!! ” I felt motivated, but what’s this burning smell, ohh my bread, I forget to turn off the stove.

My breakfast and my motivation both burned to the ashes !!!! Who am I kidding, the day is really bad !!

I reached the office late and the monster, oops my bad, I mean my boss gave me the death stare.

Suddenly Rahul came and said “Shantanu you know I got promoted yesterday and I am shifting to head office tomorrow, so today is my farewell party and you must come.

I clenched my teeth real hard my fist tightened, I can feel my heart burning in the burner. I said “of course Rahul I will come” with a straight face and fake smile.

Rahul and I were the only competitors for this promotion and I was leading but at the last moment Rahul turned out to be a monster’s, oops I mean my boss’s distant relative’s son and this is how folks I lose this war.

I was in a bad mood all day, I did not feel like working today. Whenever the monster, oops I mean my boss came in front of me my heart cussed him a little more.

At the farewell party, I was feeling like smashing everybody present there. This Rahul is cutting the cake, look how he is laughing, still looks like a joker.

Today I would be in his place if I was the distant relative of this monster {no oops this time, he is a monster}.

After Rahul’s boring farewell speech, the monster came forward and announced “Rahul you were a fabulous employee, the office will miss you”

Huh!!! miss you !! If you miss him so much, just go with him too”, I muttered.

He continued “but to fill in your shoes, I will like to invite “Ms. Pooja Sharma” she will be joining the office today at Rahul’s place…

whatttttttttt????!!!! Pooja ????? Pooja Sharma???!!!! I exclaimed !!!! My crush from the college days, not just crush she was the love of my life, we used to be together like every day and in everything, ohh man I loved her with all my heart but didn’t had guts to express my feelings. Then she left for the US for further studies and we had no contact after that !!!

I can’t believe She was standing in front of me, again !! She became a little more beautiful, the dimples on her cheeks when she smiles, the twinkling of her eyes, when she speaks, was exactly like before, oh my !!! My heart was pounding very fast as it used to when she used to be around me. Suddenly the world around me changed, I congratulated Rahul twice for his promotion, and this time, with all my heart, I thanked my boss, “my respectable sir” for not giving me a promotion, in my mind for like thousand times.

After her introductory speech, it was her introductory meeting with co-workers.

I thought she would be very happy after seeing me and maybe give me a hug, who knows, I grinned.

I went to her, we exchanged looks and, and, and, and.

Nothing happened, she gave me a formal smile and said “nice to meet you Shantanu, looking forward to working with you”

I came back to my seat, I told you earlier this is a bad day, no it is worst now!!! My first and only love didn’t even recognize me, my heart was breaking into million pieces !!!

In the evening, I left the office early, I can’t tolerate this place anymore, I was at the bike stand when I heard “Shantanu”, I turned back it was Pooja’s voice, she continued “how are you?” I replied “fine” with a long face.

She said “sorry, there were too many people at the party so couldn’t talk to you

Though I was angry she was looking extra beautiful in this black Kurti and blue jeans, and with her hair open I just got mesmerized again, I said “No, no I completely understand, it’s ok ” anyway how are you??”

She replied, “you want to talk everything here only???, You are still a miser ” and chuckled !!!

“let’s go to the coffee shop, I have to tell you tonnes of stories,” she said and her eyes twinkled.

I was so happy, I couldn’t say a word, I just nodded ok. Mum was right

“The day was not bad after all”

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