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what !??!! I just hit a century !!! So, where’s my vanity?? My manager !!??? Aahhh celebrity problems !!!😂😂😜

I just can’t believe that I got 100 followers on my blog, I remember that I always wanted to write a blog but I continued to remind myself that why I can’t have one as

Travel- I am as lazy as a sloth, I can not break the “unbreakable vow” with my bed.

Food- I don’t know cooking and if I try It will only help doctors by increasing their patients.

Makeup- ummmm I wanted to try that but someone told me that “bronzing and contouring are two different things”, that “these are false lashes not real”, that “no-makeup look requires makeup” so😐

Educational- what are you talking about.

Fashion- hmmm I was ready but my “comfortable T-shirt and pajamas {my everyday buddy}” got embarrassed and denied my offer.

So, after all this, I concluded that my lazy ass is good for nothing, I can only make stories but can’t do a thing.

Stories !!!!! Wait !!!! That’s where it clicked me , let’s make stories then and this is how this blog came into existence .

On a serious note, I want to thank you all for appreciating my work, this means the world to me.

I made some new friends here, get to know about different people and their perspectives, got many awards, and got to reply “thank you” to people otherwise this scenario was reserved only for my birthday so Thank you all. 💟

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