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Welcome to my blog,🙏🙏🙏, I write stories here… You may think why stories??? It’s because all our lives kind of revolve around different kinds of stories of all genres from childhood’s mischievous tales to raging hormones anger tales, from teenage budding one-sided love to a proper lovely relationship, from fights to heartbreak ….. The story of life teaches us everything, but if I ask you are any of these events were less important than others???!! Every story has a different meaning, different ending, and a different message…… So let’s just indulge in them and relive some of the memories and emotions through these stories ……

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Well, we all know that the world is not always a beautiful place, so sometimes I get irritated with some of its ways, and humans… Which eventually activate my rant mode, if you wanna read some spicy rants, click here.

Also, I love trying new things be it new movies, books, makeup, or skincare products I love to try them out, so I also share some of my favorite products here.

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Happy new year || come back post ||

Hello everyone…..👻👻👻 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!! 💥💥💥💫💫 I know it’s been a long since I posted anything…I went on a “small” hiatus (well yeah small hiatus😏😏)……. but I am back here finally. Last year in August, I decided to take a small break which eventually keeps on extending….. things […]

Story- I wanted to

It was evening when I looked outside, the sky was clear, a light breeze was blowing, some children were playing cricket in the park. “You are out” someone screamed at the top of his lungs, must be Sudhir, he always screams like that when he doesn’t get batting for a long […]

A Photograph which I am really proud of…

And the picture below is my official entry to this competition, it’s not that great but I am extremely proud of it, and I will tell you ‘why’ in a while, first of all, let us have a look at the picture


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